Plans approved for 471 student rooms to be built near Temple Meads despite fears of flooding


Mark Ross, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Plans to build new student accommodation in the Temple Meads area have been approved by Bristol City Council.

The apartment block, which will contain 471 student rooms, will be located on Avon Steet. This will be just a few minutes’ walk from the University’s ‘Temple Quarter’ campus, which has not yet been built.

The project is at risk of flooding because of its proximity to the River Avon, according to the council. Despite this, planning permission has been granted.

The site of the planned Temple Quarter campus | Courtesy of Epigram

Climate-change induced rising water levels mean that the ground floor could be flooded. Planners note that the rooms would only be on the first floor and above.

However, the plans need to be approved by the Environmental Agency (EA) before construction work can commence. Should this not be forthcoming, the government will make the final decision on whether the project can go ahead.

The University of Bristol has weathered housing shortages in the past. In 2019, students were offered accommodation in Newport, Wales, because of a lack of housing in Bristol.

Fabian Breckels, a Labour councillor for St George Troopers Hill, labelled the site as an ‘Obvious’ place to put student accommodation, give its proximity to the University’s new campus.

Featured image: courtesy of Martyna Bober

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