How to save money on clothes


By Emma Vincent, Fourth Year French and Italian

The Croft Magazine // As soon as that student loan drops we're all guilty of spending a little too long on the Urban Outfitters website. Here are some simple changes you can make to save money on clothes and shop sustainably this term.

If, like me, you are a bit of a fashionista and spend way too much money on clothes, don’t panic, because there are many ways you can continue to buy the things you love on a budget.

These are 3 simple steps to change your shopping habits to avoid spending too much on clothing.

1) Stick to a budget

The best tip I can give when it comes to saving money is to make sure you stick to a budget each week or month. That way you will be able to track your spending and feel more in control of your money. Because clothes are one of the things I love to splurge on, I put aside some money each month so that I can treat myself every now and again. This helps to keep my spending healthy, but also to continue to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

2) Use second-hand clothes stores

The emergence of second-hand online clothes stores such as Depop or Vinted have changed the way many of us shop. Not only is this better for your bank account, but this way of shopping is also much more environmentally friendly because it means you are not contributing to the demand of fast fashion. Sites as such Vinted allow you to swap and sell your unwanted items as well as buy second-hand goods. With the large number of sellers that already use these platforms, there are so many cool pieces to discover! And of course, if you want that authentic shopping experience, why not head to a charity shop or thrift store? You can get some really unique finds!

Likewise charity shops are always in need of old clothes donations, so why not utilise those old pieces you never wear and donate them to a good cause! In Beacon House on campus there is even a British Heart Foundation clothes drop off stand so it couldn’t be easier to recycle old clothing.

Epigram/ Ania Townsin, Beacon House

3) Use what you already have

Why not get creative and restyle your old clothes into new pieces? This could be a great activity to do with friends, and you have the opportunity to create something entirely unique. Recycling old fabrics is another great way to reinvent your style if you are conscious about the environmental impacts of constantly buying new clothes; not to mention it would be healthier for your wallet too!

Try to share and swap your favourite wardrobe pieces! Why not share clothes with housemates and friends, a super easy way of changing up your style and wearing something different without spending any money.

The University of Bristol Sustainability Department have some great information about sustainable clothing and making small changes to shop ethically!

We have all spent an unnecessary amount of money after an afternoon at the shops, particularly when this is the easy option to satisfy our fashion desires. But with a little more understanding about the impact this can have on both the environment and our bank accounts, it is so easy to make conscious changes that will benefit our lives and others. After all, we have no excuse, it has never been so easy to bargain hunt for clothes!

Featured Image: Epigram/ Ania Townsin

Let us know if you have recent charity shop or second-hand purchases!