Fringe Styling Tips!


The Croft Magazine// By Maddy Wheeler, Co-Deputy Editor of Wellbeing

The infamous fringe is a timeless, popular hairstyle which is highly debated on how to pull this look off! Do you really know how to style it properly? Here are the best tips for fringe maintenance!

It’s been about two years since I decided to take the plunge, embrace my inner Dakota Johnson, and cut a fringe. Hairdressers seem to style them effortlessly. However, once the blow-dry wears off, it’s not always easy.

Epigram/Maddy Wheeler

Here are the three types of bangs I’ve had and how they worked for me…

Long Bangs:

Possibly the easiest to maintain. They fall comfortably down and when they grow out, they simply add a sexy, seventies curtain-type layering. I was told I looked like Bonnie Tyler in the mornings, I liked that feedback. Styling this fringe did not require much more than a set of straighteners.

Short and Thick:

I walked out of the salon feeling fabulous. I was a new woman with a distinctive artsy cut and thought there was nothing stopping me. Until the thickness of the fringe introduced an unwelcome middle parting that resulted in a look resonating a banana peel. What made matters worse is this type of fringe does not go away. It only grows into more aggressive ruler like bangs that have no purpose other than getting in the way. My advice? Keep the fringes thin not thick.

Wispy Straight Edge:

Now I have met my match. She is easy to style and she makes me feel like the edgy English student I was born to be. I simply use a tiny bit of John Frieda Frizz Ease crème and my straighteners for an effortless cool girl look. (Please do not overdo the product, fringes get greasy easily so less is more).

Epigram/Maddy Wheeler

My Golden Rules for fringes?

1) If you like to tie your hair up, have hair shaping your face as well as the fringe. This is easier to wear and softens the look.

2) Seriously, seriously do not add any oil-based serums. It will go greasy while the rest of your hair looks slick, that’s annoying.

3) Not so much of a rule but a bonus, you only have to put makeup on half of your face! The fringe acts as an accessory and elevates the depth of your makeup look so you don't need to go too overboard!

Featured Image: Epigram/Maddy Wheeler