A story from the slopes


By Jessica Li, Second Year, Economics and Politics

The Croft Magazine // Jessica Li reminisces about better winters past, and anticipates to those yet to come, as she recalls the university ski trip in the French Alps.

The fresh breeze of air as you get off the coach, the peaceful yet mighty mountainous landscapes and the buzz of a diverse range of languages all around. All of these things bring back a wave of nostalgia and serendipitous feeling, and are a part of the ski experience that makes it impossible to forget the golden days in the Alps. The university ski trip, a mere two years, feels like a lifetime ago, yet still holds a near and dear place in many students' hearts.

Val Thorens | Epigram / Jessica Li

From the brightly coloured ski jackets to the loaded soft-shell suitcases containing Mum’s homemade cookies piled up outside Coombe Dingle, the excitement of all the students about to depart to Val Thorens was hard to curb and filled the springtime air.

Memory Lane
Snap Happy - or not so happy?

Despite the ups and downs, the notable 20-odd hours coach journey and the weeklong sleep deprivation, the trip was highly coveted and enjoyed by students across all years. A week full of cheese, saucisson, alcohol, going out and, of course, 'high-altitude induced' slips and slides on the slopes will be forever engrained in my heart, and acts as a promise of brighter days to come.

Featured Drawing: Epigram / Jessica Li