Maria Mulder

Second year student at the University. Originally from the Netherlands but settled in the UK, I am currently working towards a degree in Spanish and Portuguese.

ARTICLES BY Maria Mulder

Opinion | Women’s rights in Afghanistan: a reminder of how female education unlocks the doors to opportunity and success

As Western troops withdrew from Afghanistan last month, we saw an unexpectedly quick takeover of the country by the Taliban. These developments have sparked some thought about what the implications of this will be for human rights in Afghanistan – in particular, for those of women and girls.
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The combined pill: your guide to using it consistently

The Croft Magazine // Whether you are new to the contraceptive pill or need a knowledge refresher, this is your guide to using it responsibly!
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Moving to Brazil, I learned to take the good with the bad

The Croft Magazine // The media encourage extreme images of Brazil. A poverty-stricken, terrifying war zone or an exotic paradise. Maria Mulder was eleven when she moved to São Paulo.
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