Bristol students’ library limit to be increased to 14 hours per week


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Bristol University Library Services will be increasing the amount of bookable library hours for students to 14 hours per week from Sunday 15 November.

The new rule is a an additional increase to the number of hours students can access campus libraries, after the limit was raised from four to eight hours last month.

Bristol students will still have to book a space in advance, via an online booking form.

Precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 will also remain in place, including social distancing, NHS Test and Trace check-ins and the mandatory wearing of face masks even while at desks.

Bristol Library Services have said the amount of students booking spaces ‘will be kept under review and adjusted to ensure that spaces are being fully used and shared fairly.’

Bristol students limited to four hours a week in libraries and study centres
Bristol students’ library limit to be raised from four to eight hours a week

The initial increase in the number of hours available to students was in part due to the lobbying efforts of the SU’s Education Officers, David Ion and Leah Martindale, along with reps from numerous courses.

Following the announcement of a ‘student travel window’, in which students can return home for Christmas between 3-9 December, the University have said libraries will remain open throughout that period, even as teaching moves online.

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