Mystery statue erected by Edward Colston plinth in city centre


By Robin Connolly, Co-Editor-in-Chief

A statue of a large male figure, featuring a string vest, portly belly and popping out from a wheelie bin, has appeared this morning next to the plinth where Edward Colston's statue was torn down last week.

Holding a small, coloured globe in one hand and a mobile phone adorned with the St George flag in the other, which reads ‘England for the English,’ the statue also displays the inscription ‘Spoiler: St George was Turkish’ on its front.

The detail on the statue | Epigram / Louie Bell

Passers-by have already snapped some of the fingers off the figure and have stuck Black Lives Matter stickers onto its front.

The artist currently remains unknown. Speculations have been made by on-lookers about the possible involvement of local Bristol artists though these suggestions are unconfirmed.

There is a person at the scene who has been seen chaining and re-chaining the statue to the lamppost the statue is sitting in front of.

People have taken to social media in support of the new feature, with some even questioning whether or not the artwork could have been produced by notorious Bristol artist, Banksy.

The installation follows a week of unrest and protest in the city centre, which were part of national and international demonstrations.

After the Black Lives Matter protest in Bristol city centre on Sunday, 7 June, when the statue of Colston was pulled down, there followed an 'All Lives Matter' protest on Saturday, 13 June, where a small crowd gathered to 'protect' Bristol's Cenotaph.

'All Lives Matter' protest takes place around Bristol Cenotaph

On Tuesday 9 June, a bronze statue of Jamaican poet, Alfred Fagon, was attacked with a corrosive substance in St Pauls – an incident which is currently under investigation by Avon and Somerset Police.

It seems the new statue is the latest Bristolian response to national and global political events.

Featured Image: Epigram / Louie Bell

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