Tips for salon quality nails at home: The best spring colours, gel nails at home and how to get healthier nails


By Ania Townsin, First year English

The Croft Magazine // At the moment when many of us face having more time on our hands than we expected, it gives us a chance to take time for ourselves again.

Although many will be mourning the loss of their salon appointments and fresh sets of French tips, there are still ways to look after your nails yourself. It doesn’t have to be such a sorry time for your nails and hopefully this will inspire you to get creative with your free time.

Ania Townsin's at home manicure - Epigram / Ania Townsin

At uni I didn’t always have time to fit in nail appointments so I have been using a LED lamp to create my own gel manicures as an at home salon. It is really straightforward to use and makes it easy to get gel looks that last longer than regular nail polish. The steps involve a clear base coat, 3 thin layers of a colour and then a top coat to finish. In quarantine especially, I’ve found this the perfect way to give me a little extra mood boost by using bright spring colours.  It’s also a useful way to keep occupied and to help unwind. Check out the Nail Star LED Lamp to perfect your gel maicure.

Alternatively if you’re just looking for some vivid nail polish to give your nails a boost of colour, Barry M gelly nails collection is a great affordable brand to give you uplifting looks perfect for the spring season.

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The best tips for looking after you nails at home

With a bit of practice and a few small tips it is easy to have nails you don’t have to hide when leaving quarantine.

  1. Regularly moisturise your hands and use a nail oil for your cuticles to prevent dryness - especially with all the extra hand washing at the moment.
  2. If your nails start to chip use a clear polish with glitter, that way covering any cracks and an easy way to maintain appearance with minimal work.
  3. A great way to encourage strong nail growth is by regularly cutting and filing them. You can also take occasional breaks from polish and gel to prevent drying out your nails and allowing time for regrowth.
  4. Use clear bases and top coats. While people regularly miss these steps out, this is an effortless way to make your colour last longer and means removal is easier.

Spring is a great time to step away from those winter greys and darks on your nails by reaching towards pastels and livelier tones to give you an extra pop of colour and a little mood booster.

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