Bristolians print free PPE equipment for front line workers


By Topaz Maitland,  Digital SciTech Editor

Local group Hack the Pandemic have raised almost £10,000 in funding for the printing and supply of PPE.

A group of Bristolians, including a fourth year Bristol Engineering student, are 3D printing protective face shields for local front line workers.

The initiative, known as Hack the Pandemic, are printing equipment for front line staff, such as plastic face shields and mask clips designed to ease the discomfort of wearing masks for prolonged periods.

Featured image: Hack the Pandemic

The group is  believed to be producing around 300 face shields per day, which are being supplied to local pharmacies, hospitals and nursing homes.

This comes following national reports that frontline staff have been struggling to obtain sufficient personal protective equipment.

All equipment made by the group is given for free, following a fund raising campaign which received almost £10,000 in donations.

The group, which was started by 3D printing enthusiast Paul Haines, operates out of Emerson Green Village Hall and is supported by around 80 new volunteers.

Featured image: Hack the Pandemic

Speaking to Epigram, Faiz Rahman, a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student who joined the project, said: 'If there's one thing I'd like to put out there it's that we aren't anyone special.

'We aren't a company, we aren't getting paid to do this. We're just random people with 3D printers and a desire to help wherever possible in any way we can.'

Mr Rahman also encouraged anyone who is able to help with the project to get in contact.

More details about getting involved with the project can be found here:

Featured image: Hack the Pandemic

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