Take Your Mama: What my Mother taught me about style


By Drishti Rangani, First Year Law

The Croft Magazine // 'We're doing all the best we can' is what the Scissor Sisters famously sang in the hit 'Take Your Mama' and the best of what our mother's have taught us in terms of style is, frankly, endless.

Being back home for Mother’s Day this year, when I thought I wouldn’t, has given me the perfect opportunity to reflect on what my Mother has taught me over the years. Amongst various tips I’ve picked up from her over the years, style and fashion is something she has heavily influenced of mine and I can see it in a lot of things I wear or habits I have.

Epigram / Drishti Rangani

From tips and tricks to do with style, clothes and shopping, here are a few things I’ve learnt from my mum over the years.

Less is More

Growing up I definitely had lots of awkward style phases as I’m sure we all did. Mine consisted of wearing too much hot pink, glitter and over accessorising way too much. (Once I wore three watches to the first day of school because I thought it looked cool, I don’t know what I was thinking).

Now that I’m eighteen, my style has definitely evolved thanks to my mum, and now I know that less is definitely more. Over-accessorizing and drowning myself in perfume are two things she’s taught me against doing, so now I stick to two spritz of perfume, one on my inner wrist and one behind the ear lobe. I also tend to stick to either just earrings, a bracelet and a few rings whenever I go out.

Invest in staples

Since I was fourteen, I raided my mum’s closet nearly every time I went out and naturally stole some of her staple pieces (sorry mum xx).

Some staples that I’ve stolen and have been taught to invest in are: a black sling, formal / work attire, a big coat, a black dress and boots. My mum always encourages me to splurge on essential items, to ensure that they are good quality and last a long time.

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Always look out for a sale

This is something that always used to frustrate me when I was younger, as I was always desperate to purchase the first thing I saw without thinking about it. But my mum always taught me to be patient and wait for the same item to appear in a sale, which it always did. A life lesson in looking good and saving which I hope to pass on.

Unless the item is quickly disappearing, it’s okay to be patient, and wait till the item appears during a sale.

Happy Mothers Day!! X

Featured: Epigram / Drishti Rangani

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