Parisian chić or Pirate wannabe: Are silk headscarfs a trend set to stay or should we leave bandanas in the 90s?


By May Garland, Second Year English

The Croft Magazine // This eye-catching headwear has been spotted up and down campus as we go into Spring, but what's the verdict - is this the accessory trend of the season?

The 90s hair accessories have made a big come back with hairclips, scrunchies and now headscarves. The silk accessory has the ability to transform an outfit from the country farm hand look to Parisian chić. The babushka, as it is known on the runway, is inspired by the humble beginnings of the traditional headwear for Russian women in the early 20th century and is now donning the heads of models globally.  

I for one, strongly support the return of the silk square. Silk scarves are multi-functional and there is an eclectic mix of patterns, colours and textures available to achieve elegance at affordable prices. The bandana has become my go to accessory to add another dimension to any look.

Effortless Ease

Leopard Print Headscarf, ASOS, £10

This ASOS twist block headscarf in leopard print adds effortless style to an outfit. The head piece is perfect when partnered with mom jeans and an untucked white shirt, giving a retro twist to a casual look.

Head Turner

Water-colour Floral Twist Headscarfe, Boohoo, £3.20

The eclectic range of colours and patterns available for bandanas is perfect for the new spring season to brighten up your wardrobe. Looking for a funky yet student budget friendly option? This Boohoo water-colour floral twist number is the one for you.

Parisian Style

ASOS Monogram scarf, ASOS, £14

From floral designs to monogram squares, this polysatin ASOS monogram scarf has a French chić look with an added modern element to its geometric design.

These versatile accessories are ideal for hair styling as they don't crease or kink your locks and are a fashionable way to tame wisps. Not only is the silk handkerchief a fashionable way to style hair, they can also be used to dress up a bag or as a neckerchief.

Vintage Highlight

Vintage Neckscarfe, Etsy, £13.65

Etsy has a great range of vintage silk scarves to choose from. This handkerchief has a country vibe with its brown tones and equestrian print. Checking out the local charity shops is also sure to secure you a vintage bargain for one of these unique accessories.

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From cowboys neckties and peasant headscarves, to WWII polka-dot bandanas for working women; the bandana is an essential to the wardrobe for its practicality and timeless style.

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