Best vegan eats in Bristol


By Tess Skelly, Third Year, Politics and International Relations

The Croft Magazine // From Oowee Vegan to Cafe Kino, Tess Skelly highlights some of Bristol's best vegan offerings.

Going vegan has never been easier thanks to the increased publicity of the diet and trends such as Veganuary, and vegans are spoilt for choice for restaurants in Bristol. Here are a few of the best vegan restaurants in town.

For sit-down restaurants

Burger Joint have some amazing vegan options (including vegan milkshakes!) and enough meat options to satisfy everyone in your friendship group. They have seven veggie/vegan burgers to choose from and twelve sides, and with the customisable menu you can create any combo you like. Make sure to check it out from Sunday to Thursday when students get 15% off.

Koocha Mezze Bar by the Arches is a Persian restaurant that exclusively serves vegan food, including vegan tapas. Alongside standard Persian staples like falafel and hummus, Koocha also offers more traditional foods such as 'gaymeh', an aubergine and lentil dish, and 'koopa', similar to arancini. On their non-tapas menu, check out the vegan dirty fries. They also have a wide cocktail (and mocktail for anyone keeping up with dry January) selection.

Café Kino, a not-for-profit co-op in Stokes Croft, have a good selection of burgers, salads and sandwiches during the day, and they’re a great place to get a vegan breakfast. Check out their artwork too as they feature local artists that you can buy prints from too.

For casual restaurants:

Better Foods on Spike Island have a consistently tasty range of salads, hummus, savoury pastries, and baked goods. They have a wide variety of vegan food, and many of their foods also cater to other allergies/diets such as gluten free. It’s quite pricey for a small café, although with the sofas and tables available this would be a good place to study during exam season if you like background noise.

Lemon and artichoke arancini from Better Foods | Epigram/ Tess Skelly

Who says vegan food has to be healthy? If you’re craving junk food, head to Oowee Vegan on Baldwin street. They have an impressive range of burgers, ‘chicken’ burgers, and dirty fries – all plant based.

Featured: Epigram/ Tess Skelley

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