A match made in heaven: Which Bristol cliché fashion look matches your V-Day date plans?


By Anna Wilson, Second Year History of Art

The Croft Magazine // Fancy a Bristol inspired Valentine's date look to fit your #aesthetic?

As a Bristol student, I like to think I have several memorable Bristol associations that are shared by the majority of the University; clichés which we all probably secretly subscribe to. So, which Bristol look will inspire your Valentine's date plans?

Flares and Filas

Although Tokyo World has passed, you can defo evoke its whimsical romance in the chill of Feb. This look is perfect for hitting the drum and bass nights in Motion or a Stoke Bishop party- you can bond with your date over a shared love of Skepta and clothes that are meant to look like you didn’t spend that much on them but you really did. Top the look off with a bucket hat and at least 5g of gold jewellery for true Bristolian vibes.

Brady's Inspo

Hugh Brady- the man, the myth, the legend. Nothing is sexier than the man responsible for your suffering. Channel Hugh’s pantsuit vibes for a classy date at one of Bristol’s premium study spaces ™, such as the SS. Great Britain. The vibe here is work hard, play harder.

Basic but not basic Calvin Klein chic

So for this one, the theme is white, shocker. If possible, anything Perspex really brings this look together. Whilst the underlying theme here is not so classy, you could wear this outfit to a nice pub or restaurant: see The Ox, Channing’s, Everyman, etc. Of course, once you’ve taken multiple 'candid' pics of this lewk, you can show your date your Calvin Klein’s, so really it’s very romantic.

Suspension Bridge Suspense

Probably the most orthodox of the looks here, the idea is suspension bridge = suspenders. In all seriousness, heading up to the suspension bridge at night to see the view or taking a picnic up there during the day would be really nice with a date or as a group of friends. Seeing as this look revolves around one item, you can pretty much do anything with it, but if you want it to be a bit saucier see the look below and bring some saucy suspense to the table.

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