MeWe: The fashion lending scheme to share clothes and make cash


By Eliza England, Second Year Psychology with Innovation

The Croft Magazine // As an individual, who was previously guilty of buying endless items purely because they were cheap, I felt a little hypocritical trying to enter the world of sustainable fashion. Feel the same way? Keep reading.

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, responsible for 10 percent of the world’s carbon emissions. With people wearing items of clothing, on average, just five times before throwing them away. This is killing our planet. On discovering this, I felt a duty to at least try and make a change.

MeWe Fashion is a new sustainable fashion brand based on renting and lending clothes. It’s simple. If you’re a lender, you send us pictures of the items you want to lend. We put these on our Instagram for renters to browse. Once selected by a renter for a week, you send the item to that renter and they pay you for that week.

MeWe have a deposit system in place to keep your items protected. If you’re a renter, you can browse our Instagram and tell us what you want and when. The item will be sent to you once you have paid. At the end of your week, you send the item back to the lender. We’re Bristol based so try and walk to a meeting point to deliver items instead of using the post – we’re trying to save the planet after all!

Whatever you want to lend and make money from is perfect for MeWe, be it streetwear, suits or costumes; we are open to anything you want.

So, those dresses you bought for that one party that you know you’re only going to wear maybe one more time - and only if it’s with a different group of people - maybe you should think about putting them on MeWe?

The dangers of fast fashion: In conversation with Bristol University's Extinction Rebellion group

You’ll earn money whilst you’re not wearing them, without having to sell it. The renter pays less for a dress they were also planning on wearing just once. And finally, nothing is thrown away or wasted. But MeWe is not limited to dresses. Whatever you want to lend and make money from is perfect for MeWe, be it streetwear, suits or costumes; we are open to anything you want.

MeWe core aims:

  1. Slow down fast-fashion by extending the lifespan of clothes.
  2. For renters, we provide a cheap way of keeping their wardrobe fresh and ever-changing.
  3. For lenders, we help them make money from the items in their wardrobe that they rarely wear but don’t want to get rid of completely.

So far, we’re just a couple of weeks old and there are many exciting things lined up for the future, but for those things to happen we need lenders and renters. If you’re intrigued and you want to get involved find MeWe on Instagram or Online.

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