Bristol SU launches its Trans Allies Campaign


By Maddy Russell, News Editor

Trans and gender diverse students are more likely to face harrassment and bullying than other students, with only 20 per cent feeling completely safe on campus.

On Tuesday, 28 May, Bristol SU launched its Trans Allies on Campus Campaign, aimed at educating staff and students about the experiences of the Transgender community.

Students taking part in the campaign have been encouraged to use their influence around campus to improve the University experiences of trans people.

In a statement Equality, Liberation and Access Officer, Sally Paterson said: ‘Trans and gender diverse students are more likely to face harassment, bullying and assault than other students, with only 20 per cent feeling completely safe on campus. According to data at Bristol SU, 0.4 per cent of our student population define as trans.

‘The past few years have seen significant progress with regards to making the University of Bristol trans-inclusive. For example, email addresses no longer include students’ initials, and the University has pledged that every new building will include gender-neutral toilets.

‘However, there is still so much to do until our University is truly trans-inclusive. It’s clear that the trans community face many barriers and challenges. As allies, we can use our positions of power and influence to improve their experiences.’

As part of the campaign, students have been encouraged to sign a pledge advocating their support for the Trans community in Bristol.

Training packs will also be sent to the incoming presidents of all societies and sports clubs, aimed educating them on becoming more confident in supporting trans students.

Reiley Lees, Chair of the Trans Network, said: ‘Working with Sally on the Trans Allies Campaign has been a hugely rewarding part of my year as Chair.

‘It’s crucial that the onus of education isn’t solely on trans people, and allies take the burden off our community. Standing up for trans rights on campus is so important, and we’re grateful for the acts of solidarity from our allies.’

This comes following a report by Epigram that the University Students' Health Service has refused to offer hormone prescriptions to transgender students.

Featured Image: Bristol SU

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