How to wear tie-dye​


By Laura Mallinson, Style Sub-Editor

Laura Mallinson talks all things tie-dye and how we should style it this summer.

This vibrant noughties trend takes me straight back to summer holidays as a child begging my mum to let me tie-dye every one of my white t-shirts. The process is messy and unpredictable, and the result: an unapologetically handmade explosion of colour. Excellent. If you’re looking to brighten up your dull revision filled days or simply eagerly awaiting getting your festival wardrobe primed and ready, then you’ll be welcoming the return of our multi-coloured friend.

This time around, tie-dye is having the high-end stamp of approval and not just the ‘I-made-this-in-five-minuets’ look as London’s catwalk exploded with these enticing spirals of colour. Since then, the high-street retailers have been giving us tie-dye galore. So, if you’re not the messy hands-on type or simply want a quick fix into the tie-dye hype, then the Spring/Summer high-street has got you covered. So, with tie-dye coming from both high-end and handmade how should we style this bundle of fun?

  1. No more grey days. Yes, revision season makes is all want to curl up into our comfiest clothes, and I bet one of your housemates will ask if their pj bottoms are acceptable library attire but alas, those grey days can be instantly sparked up. Bring a smile to the ASS by pairing your black joggers with a statement T for a zap of tie-dye colour.
  2. Juxtaposition. Blazers are also a key trend this SS19 season and bringing tailored lines alongside the free-flowing tie-dye is sure to make an impact. Pair your handmade tie-dye tops and shirts with a structured blazer or pipe-line trousers for a powerful contrast and an unexpected twist.
  3. White t-shirt and jeans? Prf. Why choose white when you can choose rainbow
  4. Mix it up. Tie-dye is often associated with tops and dresses but why not experiment with your bottom half? A striking pair of tie-dyed white or stone washed jeans will create an instant wow factor and bring a new edge to the trend. This wardrobe banger is made for easy fashion; a simple tee and some delicate jewellery and you’re dressed to impress – no more effort needed.
  5. A pop of colour. If you fancy adding some colourful surprises into you day-to-day then tie-dye accessories are the way. Socks, headbands and scrunchies are all staples that can be zapped with the tie-dye mood. Cropped jeans, tie-dye socks and your battered stan smiths are going to look ace.

Featured Image: Hannah Worthington / Epigram

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