University hit by second set of suspicious emails in past four months


By Patrick Sullivan, Film & TV Editor

Students and employees should avoid clicking on a second batch of scam emails with a blue box inviting the recipient to ‘Read Bristol Message’ or 'Read [private mail server] Message'.

A new set of suspicious emails have been reported by University of Bristol staff and students on 30 March, with the emails appearing to be sent by University accounts with relevant subject headings. Subjects to the phishing emails include ‘TEDx2020!’, ‘Re: Eng Phys’ and 'Re: Kitchen volunteering'.

At the time of reporting, it is unclear the scale or impact of this most recent cyber attack, but the format of the emails are similar to those received on 4 December 2018. That attack was described as the ‘largest and most sophisticated’ the University of Bristol had ever faced.

Students and staff should take extreme caution with their personal details if they suspect an email is dangerous.


In a later email sent out to students and staff in the afternoon of 30 March, warning them of the email threats, IT Services wrote: 'The University takes certain measures to reduce the effectiveness of these scams but this is not a guarantee you will not receive them. Your awareness of these messages, how to spot them and how to report them is crucial in further reducing their impact to you and the entire University.'

For information on how to identify and deal with phishing emails, the University has the following information page:

If you have been a victim of one of these emails, please contact the IT Service Desk via email at or phone on 0117 428 2100.

Have you received any suspicious emails? Let us know:

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