Bristol break their University Challenge record


By Laura Reid, University Management Correspondent

Bristol win their quarter-final match to take a third consecutive win, the first time the uni has achieved this since University Challenge began.

On February 4th, the University of Bristol team defeated Darwin College Cambridge, winning with 115 points to 105.

This is the first time a Bristol team have won three consecutive matches since the academic quiz show started in 1962.

Darwin College took the early lead, however Bristol steadily gained back ground.

The match ended in a draw, leading to a sudden-death overtime round. The first team to answer correctly win, with teams who buzz in early and guess incorrectly having five points deducted.

After not one, but five, tie-break questions Bristol secured their victory with Pushan Basu answering the final question.

The Bristol team is made up of The Bristol team: Anne Le Maistre, captain (History), Pushan Basu (English), George Sumner (Physics), Owen Iredale (Biology) and Laura Denton, reserve (Geology and Botany).

The team will look to take on St Edmund's Hall Oxford in their next quarter-final match.

Featured Image / University of Bristol

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