Fire at High Kingsdown put out


By Ed Southgate, Co-Editor in Chief

A fire that broke out in what is believed to be a student house at High Kingsdown has been put out.

Four fire engines were at the scene, with Clarence Place being blocked off. Firemen were seen having to break the door down and were running hoses into the estate as it is not accessible by road, appearing to pump water into the building. The house was later described as 'dripping' with water running out the door.

No-one is thought to have been in the house at the time of the fire.

Gonzalo Aguilera, a University of Bristol student who lives opposite the building where the fire broke out, told Epigram that he 'heard glass shattering and looked out the window to see fire out the back windown onto the garden'.

He told us that the fire started on the first floor of the building, and all the flames seemed to be concentrated there.

Epigram understands that the first fire engine arrived at the scene at 18.45

A man who works at the Co-Op on St. Michael's Hill told Epigram that he thought he had smelt smoke 5-10 minutes before the fire engine arrived. He said that they responded 'quickly' after that.

One student told Epigram: 'A fireman came and told us to shut our windows because there is smoke everywhere'.

They added: 'The smoke started coming up our sink plug.'

Featured Images: Epigram / Jessica Mussett


Ed Southgate

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