The 'Domino's' effect


By Will Charley, Comment Editor

The Freshers' Fair protest reveals a wider-student problem:

'Power to the people! Climate emergency!'

Just two of the slogans so diligently yelled by left-wing protesters at the Freshers’ Fair, as reported by our Editor-in-Chief, Ed Southgate.

But if these two chants do not seem to be inherently connected, let me throw into the mix that they were both shouted at workers providing students with free food, whilst they looked at societies to join.

Let me finally confuse you by saying that these protestors were against corporate greed. The irony of course being that they were the ones greedy for attention, whilst the students queueing were probably, well, greedy for pizza.

See, it is fitting that Robin Boardman and crew gate-crashed a Domino’s stand, when their bizarre protest was the epitome of the ‘left-wing domino effect’.

This is when some students become so bubble-wrapped that they forget how the world works and in their confusion start stammering left-wing talking points.

‘The environment! And, the… er, corporate greed. Power to the people!’

Falling over each other in their desire to be seen protesting, each example making the next more pathetic. What I can tell you is that real power to the people is giving free pizza to the students.

It might have been a novel five minutes, but it certainly won’t have won many students over. Robin, maybe best to leave that to Domino’s and their marketing team. Cheers.

Featured image: Robin Boardman

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