A love letter to Penang



It may have been short but it was most definitely sweet... In the first insalment of our Asia issue, Online Travel Editor Ellie Caulfield shares the BEST 36 hours of her life.

Oh Penang, as much as I still don’t think I am able to stomach your famous Nasi Lemak, you have my heart. Your temperatures may be soaring and your drivers may be deadly, but your blazing blue skies and your sun-kissed seas have left me enchanted since our first encounter, and now I fear I may never love anyone as much as I love you, oh Penang.

Ok so Penang may not be quite this great, but as one of Malaysia’s top destinations, Penang is one of my favourite places I’ve been too. Malaysia is a melting pot of different religions and ethnicities and in Penang these come together wonderfully. Unlike Kuala Lumpur, the state isn’t Westernized and doesn’t have sky-scrapers visible from every window. Instead, Penang feels authentic and traditional, with far more markets and stalls than five-storey shopping malls.

A food stall selling local delights.
(Epigram / Ellie Caulfield)

Food is a big part of Malaysian culture, and it also happens to be Penang’s selling point. With Mamak stalls dotted around everywhere offering an extensive range of both traditional and Western influenced dishes, it is clear to see why. Fancy chicken fried rice for lunch and a traditional Malay curry for dinner? Well you won't be left searching for long here. The selection is insane and the prices mean you can try a bit of everything. Looking back, I was spoilt for choice.

It was a shame it had to come to an end. I could have Mamak-roamed for eternity. I can still taste the cheese naan on the tip of my tongue. What happy memories. I may have only been with you for 36 hours Penang, but oh wow, they were the BEST 36 hours of my life.

You are forever in my heart and forever in my dreams. FOREVER.
Your admirer, Ellie.


Featured image: Epigram / Ellie Caulfield

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Ellie Caulfield

Epigram's Online Travel Editor