Ellie Caulfield

Epigram's Online Travel Editor

ARTICLES BY Ellie Caulfield

A love letter to Penang

It may have been short but it was most definitely sweet... In the first insalment of our Asia issue, Online
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Travelling Europe can be as cheap as (slightly overpriced) chips

To kick-off our Europe issue, Online Travel Editor Ellie Caulfield offers her top-tips on how to travel Europe on a
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Confessions of a Clueless Teacher

Online Travel Editor Ellie Caulfield gives us an honest insight into what it’s really like teaching in China. Waking
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Are Bristol students concerned about the environmental impact of travel?

Find out the results of Epigram Travel's most recent survey about travel and environment and scroll down to read our
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Foreign affairs: have you ever found love abroad?

In this latest foreign affairs feature, Bristol students anonymously recount their intimate, and often unfortunate, moments on the road. "
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