BREAKING: 14 more strike days sanctioned by UCU


The Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) have today (Thursday 8th March) announced students face 14 more days of strike that will spill into exam season if the pensions dispute is not resolved.

Sixty five higher education institutions, including the University of Bristol, will face more widespread disruption if talks break down between UCU and the employer's union, Universities UK (UUK).

The UCU say the extra days of strike are "designed" to hit exam season- starting as soon as April and ending in June if necessary.

UCU General secretary, Sally Hunt, said: "I want to stress that I consider all this a necessary precaution against the failure of talks to deliver an acceptable settlement.

"The union would prefer dialogue and I have given my personal commitment to Acas that UCU is serious about reaching an agreement. However, if talks fail, we are prepared to carry out the action in defence of our pensions."

The dispute has seen the University of Bristol hit by strike movements, occupations and picket lines and, if talks fail once more, the strikes could be far from over.

Vice Chancellor Hugh Brady has called for UUK to reopen talks, though it remains to be seen how successful this new wave of talks will be.

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Cameron Scheijde

Former Editor | Co-Editor-in-Chief 2018-19 | Online Comment Editor, 2017-18