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#WhatsMicroaggression campaign: social media coverage

Explore the social media content of Epigram's #WhatsMicroaggression campaign

Find Epigram's social media coverage of the #WhatsMicroaggression editorial campaign here.


During Epigram's #WhatsMicroaggression campaign, Deputy Online Editor and campaign co-founder Kate Hutchison spoke with individuals from Bristol SU about on-campus microaggressions.

An interview with Nura Alyah #WhatsMicroaggression

Nura Alyah, Chair of Bristol SU's LGBT+ Network, talks microaggression for the #WhatsMicroaggression campaign🔦 Watch out for Nura's article coming this week!

Geplaatst door Epigram op Woensdag 5 december 2018
Nura Alyah, Chair of Bristol SU's LGBT Network
An interview with Eva Larkai #WhatsMicroaggression🔦

'I think people are quick to be dismissive of something they don't personally experience' - Eva Larkai, Chair of Bristol SU BME Network #WhatsMicroaggression 🔦

Geplaatst door Epigram op Vrijdag 7 december 2018
Eva Larkai, Chair of Bristol SU's BME Network
An interview with Sam Budd #WhatsMicroaggression🔦

Sam Budd, Chief Executive of Bristol SU, offers advice on how to better confront microaggressions for the #WhatsMicroaggression campaign🔦

Geplaatst door Epigram op Zaterdag 8 december 2018
Samantha Budd, Chief Executive of Bristol SU


During the campaign, Epigram hosted a live panel event inviting members of the University community, including lecturers and students, to discuss on-campus microaggressions. Tom Taylor, Epigram's Features Editor, covered the event on Twitter.


Throughout the week of articles and video content, Epigram shared infographics, images and polls via Instagram.


The Epigram Show, Epigram's weekly slot on Burst Radio, also covered the campaign. The campaign's co-founders and two contributers were invited to discuss the topic on air.

Explore articles from Epigram's #WhatsMicroaggression campaign here.

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