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During final exams and dissertations Epigram was treated to a massage from Saks - the face, body, and glamour salon at the bottom of Park street - and realised a massage was just what our poor bodies needed.

The hour long full body massage successfully reduced the knots that had taken up residence in our library-stiffened backs - a process made all the more enjoyable by the electric blankets keeping us warm.

The massage rooms are clean and dimly lit, with music and aromatherapy oils, which make for a lovely break from a laptop screen. A warm and helpful team means that we felt well looked after from the moment we walked in, and we were offered drinks as we sat down to hear more about the treatment.

Image: Opening beauty rooms of Saks on Park Street and their featured photo

The treatments are personalised, which meant that they are tailored to what you need; the staff were friendly and accommodating, having to cope with our extreme sunburn and ridiculously extensive knots - and even a couple of claims that it was ticklish! They were very good at explaining things and making us feel comfortable.
Its location meant it was a quick journey from the library, so whether you've finished exams and want to celebrate or you're still going and need something to get you through this final stage, Saks may be one of the best ways to invest in yourself.

They provide pretty much every service we can think of, from brow tints (£13) and Brazilian waxes (£26) to a full body one hour massage for £50 (or half hour for £32). Students get half price off their first treatment, and 20% off everything afterwards, making this an attractive salon for our ravaged bank accounts.

While a massage may not be as cheap as a Taka Taka, it is the perfect post-exam celebration (or perhaps resurrection).

According to Saks, their treatments produce 'clinical results with gentle and non-invasive techniques'. The full range of their treatments can be found here.

Saks is currently exploring the idea of starting a pop-up salon near university - something worth keeping an eye out for as it may be just what your body needs.


Featured Image: Christian Hume / Unsplash

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