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To wax, or not to wax? What to expect when you take the plunge

Yes. It hurt, of course it did. Would I go again? Definitely, and I will on a regular basis

By Lizzie Tolland, Second Year Classics

The Croft Magazine // Yes.  It hurt, of course it did.  Would I go again? Definitely, and I will on a regular basis.

Waxing is something I’ve always wanted to have done by a professional.  Like many others I had once mistakenly thought I had the will to do one of those home kits – and yet I ended up pink, sticky and sad.  

After speaking to a couple of friends who religiously get them, and for no reason in particular, I just booked it.  One of my first, and admittedly irrational, apprehensions about getting a wax was booking it.  Having never had one, I honestly had no idea what to say on the phone.  But Ministry of Beauty has a very simple and straightforward online booking page and once I’d quickly booked it I felt like the first hurdle was over and done with. I personally do not like having body hair, there is nothing unhygienic about it - that’s a huge myth- and it would be a lot less hassle to leave it, but I just prefer the look and feeling myself.

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With regards to your vagina, shaving can be a whole thing.  You get rashes, ingrown hairs, sensitivity, itchiness – all of which waxing supposedly avoids, and I can confirm that it has so far.  Ministry of Beauty is right next to the greengrocers on Cotham Hill and it looks just a bit intimidating, like it could be very expensive, but it wasn’t, Mondays and Tuesday’s student discount meant mine came to £23!

"We should only ever get waxes for ourselves, fuck anyone who tries to tell you what to do with your pubes"

My friends said the Hollywood Hot Wax was the one to get – everything off.  I had the nicest consultant for the process.  The consultant leaves the room for 5 minutes or so, for you to get undressed and freshen up, and then you lie on the bed and wait for her to come back in.  She then explained the key differences between waxing and shaving, how often to get them etc.  She also made a point of telling me that we should only ever get waxes for ourselves and forget anyone who tries to tell you what to do with your own body hair – and all the information she gave me was about the benefits for me alone.

With her 11 years of experience and friendly conversation I felt like it wasn’t actually going to be so bad.  I don’t know why I expected it to be, but it wasn’t awkward at all.  We were chatting the entire time and there was absolutely no faffing.  She waxes in an order designed, so that you can tap out and if necessary, it can be a different kind of wax. Personally, I found the pain okay, but it’s different for every woman.  But yes, there was no hesitation and it gives you no time to have the usual 'does my vagina look weird' panic - it doesn’t!

I would also mention that she didn’t react to my flinches or involuntary interjections of any kind.  On the bits that she knew would hurt the most she would guide on when to breath in and out, and all in all it was very quick.  The pain is always sudden but short-lived and considering how long it takes for the hair to grow back, it’s a little luxury I’m happy to continue and would highly recommend.

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