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The one with the best looks from Friends

Since spending lots of time at home during this period of social distancing, I decided I’d re-watch the popular sitcom, Friends, and according to Sky News, so has Courteney Cox aka Monica Geller

By Manon William, Second Year Liberal Arts

The Croft Magazine // Since spending lots of time at home during this period of social distancing, I decided I’d re-watch the popular sitcom, Friends, and according to Sky News, so has Courteney Cox aka Monica Geller.

Throughout the show’s ten year run, there have been iconic looks which have influenced some of our key trends today without us even realising, so I thought I’d share with you a few of my favourites.

THE Green Dress

This green dress from season 3 'The One Where No One’s Ready' is possibly my all-time favourite outfit from Friends, as I feel that its mint colour and elegant shape are simply timeless.

It’s hard to make out what the matching garment she’s carrying along with it is - possibly a jacket or a pashmina. But whatever it is helps add, along with the slit, to the sophistication of this stunningly sexy and flattering dress. The gown’s simplicity really creates the look, and here, less is definitely more.

Friends Season 3

If you’re looking for a dress just like this one, Italian high fashion designer Miu Miu features this marigold-green dress in their new season collection, also with crystal embellishment added to the shoulders and edges: Miu Miu Faille Cady long dress. However, this is very pricey, and so if you’re in search of a more affordable option, perhaps this ASOS Design dress is exactly what you’re looking for. This ASOS DESIGN Lace Wrap Maxi Dress with Satin Tie Belt is perfect.

90s Mini

In season 2 'The One with Phoebe’s Husband', Phoebe appears as though she’s just stepped out of the 1960s with her fun white and pink plaid mod dress. She looks exactly like a Barbie doll, and had very much gone for the ‘go-go’ girl look, and unapologetically different, considering this was the 90s, just like her character.

So why not try this Sugar Thrillz look-alike dress from Dolls Kill, Paid for by Daddy mini dress, for an extra cute 90s look.

Paid for by Daddy mini dress | Dolls Kill | £7.72

Oh. My. God.

An incredibly underrated character’s style in my opinion is Janice. As irritating her nasal tones and braying laugh may be, her wardrobe definitely shone and was never annoying.

Friends Season 3

She glammed up wearing 90s Chanel from head-to-toe, leopard print upon leopard print, a co-ordinating 80s style acid green suit, stylish patent boots, and so many outrageous coats. But I thought I’d show a demonstration of what Janice wears best – co-ords and lots of leopard print. Here in season 3 'The One with the Giant Poking Device' she wears a sporty half-zip jumper with flares and an oversized fluffy shoulder bag, all entirely leopard print!

Tara Khorzad leopard heart velvet co-ord | ASOS | £68 (full co-ord)

To emulate this look I found a velvet leopard print co-ord from ASOS with red hearts, also similar to Janice’s red and leopard print coat, Tara Khorzad leopard heart velvet co-ord.

Pretty, Pink and Perfect

An episode which took a very different spin was the two-part episode, 'The One That Could Have Been' from season 6 which featured a much more pink and expressive aspect to Rachel’s style. Here she sported a very early 2000s look with some pink leopard print flares and a fluffy lilac high neck top, with pink heels and gems in her hair. This episode also featured Rachel wearing an eye-catching cow print jacket, and also a gorgeous pink fur coat paired with a timeless white midi-skirt – very chic.

Friends Season 6 
Alabama Pink Leopard Set | We Koko | £39.99

If you’d like to create a festival spin on this look, then I have good news for you as I’ve found the perfect co-ord from We Koko, Alabama Pink Leopard Set, to get this look.

A Double-Denim Win

In season 3, 'The One at the Beach', Monica is queen of casual, wearing double denim with a pair of white trainers. With the contrasting shades, and slightly tomboy-ish character, her relaxed shirt with mom jeans creates the perfect combo. If you’re ever doubting the idea of double denim, this is how to make it work.

Friends Season 3
Stradivarius Oversized Denim Shirt in Blue | ASOS | £29.99

You could also make a stand for the Canadian tuxedo yourself with this “relaxed and roomy” oversized shirt from ASOS, Stradivarius Oversized Denim Shirt in Blue.

Queen of the Slip

Slip dresses were made famous by 90s supermodel, Kate Moss, and here demonstrated as a versatile patterned piece from day-to-night by Rachel, with platform flip-flops and easily clipped back hair, and perhaps swapped for a pair of heels come night, in season 4 'The One with Ross’ Wedding Part 1'.

Friends Season 4

Here’s an Oasis satin slip dress in animal print suggestion for a similar slip you can get yourself from ASOS with a ruffle hem and tie-back waist.

Oasis satin slip dress in animal print | ASOS | £34

How you doin'?

However, according to Debra McGuire, costume designer of Friends, there was one outfit which stood out to viewers, and is even requested by fans for purchase still to this day.

Friends Season 5

This was the beautiful yellow strapless IDOL dress worn by Rachel in 'The One with All the Kissing' in season 5, also featuring a slit at the side and stunning, delicate embroidery.

Tropical Punch Underwired Strapless Bustier Satin Mini Dress in Lemon | Oh Polly | £52

Although IDOL unfortunately went out of business years ago, it is still possible to find something similar – perhaps a vibrant, sculpting styled dress like this from Oh Polly, Tropical Punch Underwired Strapless Bustier Satin Mini Dress in Lemon.

So, there you have it, some of the most loved retro Friends looks inspired by our binge watching days.

Featured: Friends / IMDb

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