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Fashion's reflections - how lockdown has shaped the fashion industry

The Croft Magazine // From designers abandoning traditional show schedules, to the prevalent disparities between underpaid garment-workers and high-end designers in the industry, Ellen reflects on the ways in which COVID has affected the past year in fashion.
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A love letter to my mother's style

The Croft Magazine // To celebrate Mother's Day, Thea shares the style advice that has stood the test of time, given to her by her mum.
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The good and the bad: Runway edition

The Croft Magazine // Fashion runways can be a bit hit or miss. Sometimes designers' efforts for extravaganza, finesse or elegance are a great move and a win for them, the fashion world and the public. But, that is not always the case...
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Project Co: Interview with UoB-student led accessible fashion project

The Croft Magazine // Exclusive interview with the University of Bristol students who are 'making fashion accessible and access fashionable'.
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Fashion and feminism: a history

The Croft Magazine // In celebration of International Women’s Day, Dayana explores the relationship between fashion and feminism throughout history and their integrality in encouraging liberation and self-expression.
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