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Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide!

Need some inspiration for guilt free gifts this Christmas? Anna Johnson has you covered, as she explains how to make your gifts more sentimental and the best Bristol small businesses to check out!
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Wet Weather Wear

Hate Bristol's unpredictable wet weather? Laura Hartig has got you covered, as she gives recommendations of how to look great and stay dry in rain storms this winter.
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Dressing for confidence!

Ben Carpenter talks about his experiences of discovering how to dress with confidence, through embracing his own unique style in Bristol’s alternative fashion scene.
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The iconic intimidating the iconic: Standout celebrity Halloween costumes

Beatrice Fitzmaurice explores the creative and comical celebrity Halloween costumes in recent years and their inspiration from iconic movies, fictional characters and famous figures in pop culture.
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Drag up your Halloween!

Violet Allmark shares her advice on incorporating Drag into your Halloween costume and tells us about discovering her alterego drag persona.
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Spooky DIY Decorations for Halloween!

With Halloween lurking just around the corner don't get caught unprepared - take these tips on how to decorate your house or halls to create a spooktacular scene on a student budget!
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