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Moon Knight's season finale sets high hopes for its second season

Marvel's Moon Knight, starring Oscar Isaac, has finally come to a close, ending its first season on a high note, with fans highly anticipating a second season

By Sienna Thompson, First Year, English Literature

One of Marvel’s most complex, and first Egyptian-cultured, series has reached its first season finale, ending on an extremely high note. From its epic fight scenes and bickering DID personalities to fights between Egyptian gods the size of pyramids, this series has been filled to the brim with different genres. It is safe to say that this is now one of my favourite MCU plots, and the anticipation for its upcoming second season is sky-high.

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With viewers having been left on a cliff-hanger, where Steven is frozen in sand and Marc finds peace in the Field of Reeds, all hope seems lost for anyone to stop the rebirth of Ammit: goddess of divine retribution- arguably, this season’s ultimate antagonist.

However, Marc chooses Steven over the peace he has desired his whole life and, undoubtedly, deserves after we witness his traumatising upbringing in episode 5. Finally, Steven and Marc reunite as one body once again, but it is during this time that we see Harrow carry out his plan and release Ammit.

Layla receives her incredible superhero moment in this episode. After she releases Khonshu, and he and Ammit engage in the first fight of the Gods in this episode, she is chosen as Taweret’s avatar and willingly accepts. It’s safe to say that her stunning outfit (complete with gold wings) and fighting montage were, indeed, amazing.

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The animation of the gods and goddesses was visually stunning. A great aspect of the episode was that the concept of talking animals (in a simpler sense), was not cringe-worthy. They felt intimidating and powerful. It’s safe to say I have a newfound interest and respect for Egyptian God mythology.

Additionally, the setting in Cairo at night paved the way for awe-inspiring cinematics, such as the fight scenes whose background was of the moon.

As most finales go, they are typically very serious, with action, cliff-hangers, and deaths. Whilst Moon Knight ticks all of these boxes, Marvel doesn’t fail to upkeep the humour it touched on in episode one, all the through to its finale. Often, Steven is the key to comic relief in this series, as such a pure character who bickers with Marc.

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Notably, the highlight of the series was Oscar Isaac’s brilliant acting skills as he switched between characters. Within seconds, his facial expressions, accent, and body language would instantly tell us who he was playing, and it truly was remarkable to watch.

The post-credit scene introduced the third personality of Marc Spector: Jake Lockley, who Khonshu has shoot Harrow (and Ammit). This plotline perfectly sets up a second season, raising many questions on how many more personalities there are and how the creation of Jake by Marc came to be.

This series did not falter on a single scene and has left me wanting more. All these questions and confusion leave only one conclusion: bring on season 2!

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