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Let me wear my leggings in peace

People need to be less judgmental and realise that the real winners are me and my comfiness.

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By Ffion Clarke, Online Comment Editor

People need to be less judgmental and realise that the real winners are me and my comfiness.

Exams have drawn to a close. The ASS is thinning out. Time to go back to my old presentable ways?

You could not be more wrong.

Having made this lifestyle shift to become a daily legging wearer over this exam period, I cannot see myself turning back.

It lets me to have the comfort levels of staying at home, in my own bed, without the detrimental impact of actually staying in and avoiding human contact. I can eat what I want, when I want, and not worry about my Joni jeans cutting off the bloat which is destined to happen. Generally, I can avoid them cutting off my circulation, which is always an added bonus.

Granted, sometimes I do want to dress a bit ‘nicer’ and wear ‘normal’ clothes. But having not done it in so long I always somehow manage to forget what I actually like wearing and end up with the classic Bristol look of flares and a headband.

These stretchy flares are really just leggings pretending they are not. Plus, they do not even do a good job of it. They are not half as comfy and they are see through.

Dressing up in the Bristol look just makes me blend into the masses. The ‘presentable’ masses who are lying to themselves if they do not think they should be at their maximum comfort levels at all times. Imagine sauntering around in the most buttery-soft leggings known to man. I am truly living the dream.

When I wear my leggings there is an air of mystery. No one really knows where I could be going. To be honest, I quite like it. Especially with the ASS usually reeking of some faint familiarity. ‘Oh I think he’s in my seminar’, ‘I swear we were in halls together’.

University should not have to be a fashion show.

Go for it if that is what makes you comfortable. But, I personally have a love affair with leggings and would like to go hand in hand with them into my final term. So, let me wear my leggings peace.

In general, stop judging other people for their clothing choices.

Featured image: Epigram/Ffion Clarke

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