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'Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking.' Yes, it's cliché, but we love a floral really

We all need a bit of sunshine right now, and the Spring classic of floral patterns will doubtless be a wardrobe staple (even if it is just for hanging out in our living-rooms)

By Jemima Fennell, French and Italian First Year

The Croft Magazine // We all need a bit of sunshine right now, and the Spring classic of floral patterns will doubtless be a wardrobe staple (even if it is just for hanging out in our living-rooms).

At this time of year, when scrolling through any fashion website, you’ll be inundated with florals. From the endless perfect summer dresses (we surely all need one?!) to, in the case of River Island, floral thigh-highs - whatever floats your boat! It seems that the fail-safe pattern to transition from monochromatic winter outfits to our carefree spring selves is ready to make its entrance. We love flowers, we love summer, so why not wear something that reflects that?

ASOS is easy. Type ‘floral’ into their search bar and you’ll receive around 6,500 results! If ASOS says it’s on trend, it must be. However, turn your eyes to other brands and there’s plenty of floral print. So, here’s some examples and how to wear them.


The Dress

Reformation’s prices may be eye watering for most, especially students, but no one does the perfect summer dress better, especially Reformation's Bran Dress. They’re at the forefront of sustainability in fashion and therefore are seen all over Instagram influencer’s pages. Styling a dress is typically easy, and all about finding the perfect, preferably monochrome, shoes and matching accessory, as seen below.

Samantha Bran Dress
Bran Dress in colour Samantha | Reformation | £235

The Top

Buy a floral top and pair it with any bottoms you like. In this Warehouse Alice Daisy Belted Top, the blue tones can be perfectly paired with a pair of jeans, which, in summer, isn’t ideal, but can work year-round, meaning your money isn’t wasted on something you wear only when the sun’s shining!

Alice Daisy Belted Top | Warehouse | £39

The Bottoms

Anything can be made floral, and here Monki give us Tailored dungarees in floral bonanza! Wear on their own, or with a plain tee and boots for a simple but refined look.

A person standing posing for the camera

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Tailored dungarees in floral bonanza | Monki | £35

The Shoes

Pair these chucks with jeans and a top of a matching tone to the one of the flowers and you’ll be killing two trends with one stone: the floral and the flatform. These Converse Chuck Taylor platform cream floral bring a groovy 70s vibe to their classic look.

A close up of food

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Converse Chuck Taylor platform cream floral | ASOS | £75

The Accessory

An accessory is, of course, very open-ended. A bag, a necklace or, in this case, a hairband. Wolf & Badger support independent brands and here Jessica Russell Flint's Floral Silk Alice Band perfectly combines art and fashion. Style either as a pop of colour or to match tones in your outfit.

A close up of a colorful background

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Floral Silk Alice Band | Jessica Russle Flint via Wolf & Badger | £48

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