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From card tricks to comedy: creative societies to join this year

Bristol is the perfect place to flex your creativity. Check out just a few of the many artistic societies available here at Bristol University for you to get involved with!

By Livi Player, Arts Editor, and Imogen Howse, Deputy Arts Editor

Bristol has always been a city praised for its vibrant arts scene; it was named the UK's most artistic city just last year! With this in mind, we've compiled a list of the many creative societies available here at Bristol University - there will definitely be at least one that takes your fancy.

Bristol Revunions

The University's sketch comedy troupe, Bristol Revunions provide a supportive environment for anyone to come and try out sketch and stand-up comedy, no matter your previous experience. With weekly workshops, writing sessions, and stand-up nights, as well as their main shows - there are plenty of ways to give comedy a go this year!

Bristol Revunions

Pottery Society

Describing themselves as a welcoming, laid-back, and sociable society, the Pottery Society is a great one to to get involved with if you want to try something a little new - or develop past skills. They have access to a fully equipped Pottery studio in the Student’s Union, providing the perfect place to become fully immersed in creativity and develop skills in hand building, sculpting, and throwing. They offer special courses for beginners and cater to all abilities - there’s no reason not to get involved!


One of the two major theatre societies at Bristol, Spotlights prioritises contemporary theatre, focusing on student written plays and performances which utilise experimental techniques. They provide plenty of opportunities for new writers to get involved throughout the year - you can write anything from a fifteen minute showcase to a full length production. In addition to their weekly writing workshops, they offer the opportunity to receive industry feedback as well as professional mentoring through their various connections. Whatever aspect of theatre you're interested in, Spotlights will have something for you to try.


UoB Fine Art Society

The Fine Art Society gives everybody the opportunity to be creative, hosting a wide variety of classes ranging from life drawing to mixed media workshops with local artists. A popular choice is their 8x8 course - where you learn eight new art techniques in just eight weeks - and then contribute to an exhibition in a local art space at the end of the course. Whether you’re looking for the chance to develop your artistic abilities and get your work put on display, or to simply relax with a group of like-minded people, you’ll be able to find a place in the Fine Art Society.

UoB Fine Art Society's 8x8 course 

Magic Society

If you’re looking to develop a new impressive skill to take home at Christmas time, Magic Society is the one to join. You can try your hand at a vast array of card tricks and illusions - no previous experience required. That being said, if you’re already proficient in magic, there are plenty of new tricks to try in addition to weekly, informal competitions that you can have a go at. It's a perfect and unique way to flex your creativity.

Magic Society 


Calling all photographers of all abilities! Whether you are a darkroom fanatic or digital whizz, PhotoSoc is the society for you. With access to lots of professional equipment, including the Full Adobe Creative Suite and a Mac with film scanners, there’s no limit to what you can do. Equally, if you’ve never tried photography before, PhotoSoc offer regular studio workshops designed to teach anyone in the art of lighting and professional portraiture. There’s also the chance to go on a range of trips - both locally and internationally - providing the perfect opportunity to spark inspiration.

The Poetry and Creative Writing Society

The Poetry and Creative Writing Society provides a platform for students and local writers to showcase their creativity in a variety of ways. The society puts on events ranging from spoken word evenings to writing workshops and poetry slams, meaning you can get involved whether you want to write or perform. There are also plenty of opportunities to work alongside some of Bristol’s top spoken word artists and writers - that's something you really don't want to miss out on!

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Have you joined any artsy societies this year? Is there one on our list that has sparked your interest?