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Chemistry Library reopens for students with essential study needs

More library spaces will now be available on campus for students with essential study needs.

By Sophie Downes, News Reporter

More library spaces will now be available on campus for students to book silent study spaces.

The University of Bristol is opening the Chemistry Library to offer more study spaces for students with essential study needs.

The library will be open from 9am-5pm  Monday to Friday and is offering individual silent study spaces.

Students will have to book a study desk prior to their visit, with the booking quota currently set at up to 14 hours per week, per student (Sunday to Saturday).

Bookings will be released two weeks in advance for students wishing to book a study space.

Arts and Social Sciences library / Teddy Coward | Epigram

The University states that during this time library access is restricted to: those with an essential need to access IT and digital services – for example those who do not have it at home, those unable to study at home or who need specific facilities, and those who have an urgent need of printed materials readily available on the shelves or that have been requested via the Click and Collect service.

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The University website reads that ‘booking levels will continue to be kept under review and adjusted to ensure that spaces are being used as fully as possible and are shared fairly between those needing to use them.’

The Arts and Social Sciences Library, Veterinary Sciences Library and Beacon House Study Centre are also currently open and offering a limited service for those in essential need.

Featured Image: Teddy Coward

Students can book a library study space here