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Bristol student develops app for cancer community after battling the illness

A Bristol Engineering student has developed an app to bring together cancer patients, survivors and carers after battling a rare form of the illness.

On October 2017, Jack Morgan, 21, was diagnosed with a rare form of Stage III cancer called undifferentiated carcicoma - a cancer of the tissue with no definining characteristics. Having beaten the illness, he has created a new app - Cnected - after seeing the benefits of social media for connecting patients.

Jack told Epigram: 'Over the past few months, through my instagram page I connected with many cancer patients, survivors and family members of patients.

'I realised how powerful and beneficial social media can be, so I decided to set up a dedicated platform for the cancer community. It aims to bring together anyone affected by cancer.'

Jack currently has the support of Children with Cancer, and Bowel & Cancer Research. He will have meetings with many other top charities over the next few weeks, and has fained public support from West Ham player Declan Rice and comedian Matt Lucas.

Jack was given the all clear in April 2018. He documented his recovery through his Instagram page: @itsme_jmo.

Cnected can be downloaded now on iOS. The link can be found here. Its description reads: 'This app aims to bring together everyone that has been affected by cancer. Whether you are currently going through treatment, a survivor, a family member or a friend of someone who has been affected by cancer, the community welcomes you with open arms.'

Featured Image: Cnected / Jack Morgan