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Public trust in science has “room to improve”, COVID-19 study finds

By Sophie Holman-Jones, University of Bristol Biomedical Sciences Graduate A cross-sectional survey by the University of Bristol has revealed that
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University of Bristol researchers encourage doctors to “share uncertainty” regarding Lateral Flow Device tests

Last month, a paper by University of Bristol fellow Dr. Jessica Watson highlighted the inaccuracies of lateral flow testing, urging healthcare professionals to be more transparent with patients.
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Jaws: Latest ancestors of the human smile no longer thought to be sharks

New evidence from the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Bristol has revealed that our teeth do not originate from sharks, contrary to previous findings.
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Ground-breaking discovery finds gene mutations promote obesity more than previously thought

Researchers from the University of Bristol made a ground-breaking discovery this month, revealing that mutations in the MC4R gene promotes obesity in the UK twice more than previously thought.
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University of Bristol projects prove promising in the ongoing battle against Tuberculosis

By Sophie Holman-Jones, Third Year, Biomedical Sciences Tuberculosis is a global public health emergency and a top priority for bioscience
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Bristol University’s micro-bots could change the face of medicine

Researchers at the University of Bristol have successfully manipulated cell-like micro-bots in the form of synthetic protocells, to generate nitric oxide (NO) gas in blood vessels of rabbits.
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