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The 'Panic Masters': is postgraduate study the solution to your career crisis?

So, you’ve submitted your dissertation. What now? That’s right, it’s time to start your last-minute application for the infamous panic master’s.
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Social Media Activism- A Student Perspective

The harder I search, there seems to be a post, infographic or informative slideshow for almost every cause I could imagine. Social media, for better or for worse, has become a news source.
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‘Medical schools are treating eating disorders as a niche subject': raising awareness this EDA Week

28 February marked the beginning of Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2022, a national event dedicated to shining a light upon the detrimental impact of eating disorders - life-threatening and under-researched illnesses that come at a high personal cost for both those suffering and their families.
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High stakes in the hunt for housing: how has increased competition affected the search for student accommodation?

The last-minute scramble for student housing is approaching. Floods of students will face the annual rush to secure remaining houses on the rental market. In a city infamous for its housing shortages, how has the University of Bristol’s student influx affected the search for private student housing?
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