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Review: Hard Shoulder @ The Room Above ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Averdieck plans on taking the play to the Fringe this summer, telling Epigram that the script and character are still undergoing development.
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Opinion | The jury’s decision to acquit the 'Colston Four' is evidence that progress has been made in British society recognising its past

As much as we can take stock of the progress made, we must place it in the context of the challenges still to come with regard to racial injustice in Bristol and the UK.
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Opinion | After months of ignoring students and universities, the government has put us at the centre of their enforced culture war

The government's attitude towards universities continues to alienate students in the Education Secretary's latest comments.
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Lecturers reject their teaching prize nominations in protest against Bristol University’s handling of rent strike

Academics at the University of Bristol have called for their teaching award nominations to be rescinded following the University’s latest actions in its handling of student rent strikers.
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Opinion | The SU’s problem isn’t that they don’t care: it’s bureaucracy

If you take a look at Bristruths, or even listen to general discussions on campus about the student body’s view of the Student Union, there’s a sense of discontent about the work that the Union does. Some believe that it doesn’t truly care about the issues we want resolved.
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Opinion | The government's announcement concerning in-person teaching is both belated and unwelcome

After months of universities lobbying the government for clarity, it has finally been announced by the Universities Minister that most students will not be returning to in-person teaching until 17th May.
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