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Road to carbon neutral: the feasibility of electric cars

As the proclaimed ‘year of climate action’ begins, can the UK achieve the progress it needs to make in order to have a sustainable transport system by 2035?
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A decade of science and tech comes to a close

As the decade of the 2010s and all its political unrests, controversies and viral dance moves comes to an end, Epigram SciTech takes a look back at what made this decade great for science and technology.
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Brainy books for the winter break

Looking to learn something new this festive season, or just get a break from revision or coursework? Check out these science book recommendations from the writers and editors of Epigram SciTech!ciTech!
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Bristol grads’ AI handwriting business wins £25,000 prize

Two Bristol Graduates have secured the top prize at Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards for their business that uses artificial intelligence to create handwritten-looking letters on a commercial scale.
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