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'Jazz is often seen as a very elitist genre of music': In Conversation with SEED Ensemble

SEED Ensemble's Cassie Kinoshi sits down with Epigram Music to talk about the importance of community, being nominated for a Mercury Prize and her obsession with Sci-fi.
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'We try to dance along the spectrum of tone': Q&A with Explosions in the Sky

'What all four of us all want from music is emotion and expression. And if a song doesn't have that quality, if it doesn't make us feel something, then we just start working on something else until we get to something that does have that quality.'
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Live Review/ Sampa The Great @ Rough Trade

A gig which sure lived up its title. A poignant feast of afrobeat rap rhythms delivered with an exuberant and kinetic sense of spirit and energy.
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‘People will be surprised how they feel when they just stare at the sea’: In Conversation with Erland Cooper

‘Someone asked me what’s the best thing about Orkney and what’s the worst. I can probably answer both in just one sentence – it’s a rock surrounded by the North Sea’.
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'We don’t just want to go live on a farm and do nothing for a year': Interview with Hot Chip

Epigram Music speak to Hot Chip away from the flickering epileptic strobe lights and paint splattered live costumes, instead tucked away in a cupboard sized office in the depths of Bristol’s 02 Academy.
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Is Rex Orange County just Michael Bublé for hipster kids?

We get it – you go to Bristol, like to cuff your baggy fit jeans, wear quarter zip fleeces and swig cans of Red Stripe. But what’s the fascination with Rex Orange County?
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Albums to hear this November

Are deadlines starting to pile? Are you spending more and more time indoors as the weather gets more and more wet and dreary? Well, why not lose yourself in one of November's best music releases.
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