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Who could headline Glastonbury 2020?

Spent Sunday morning complaining on twitter? Want Glastonbury tickets to be sold using a ballot system? Well if you were lucky enough to bag yourself a ticket - you're in for one hell of a weekend!

Spent Sunday morning complaining on twitter? Want Glastonbury tickets to be sold using a ballot system? Well if you were lucky enough to bag yourself a ticket - you're in for one hell of a weekend!

With Dianna Ross already confirmed to be bringing her timeless soulful groove to Worthy Farm for a Sunday legend slot that’s sure to go down in Glastonbury history – all eyes are now turned to who else could be joining her. The festival promises to celebrate its 50th anniversary in empathic style. Already names such as Fleetwood Mac and a specially reformed Led Zepplin have been touted but more recently ruled out by organiser, Emily Eavis. So just who will be providing the crowning headline sets at next year’s glorious event? Epigram Music run through the possibilities…

Taylor Swift:

Taylor Swift - Lover

Who can deny possibly the biggest popstar in music at the moment? Timing could just be perfect for this one. With Swift having released her exuberant and colourful 7th album Lover this summer, it could just be her year. What better way to celebrate your 50th birthday than with a sparkling headline catching performance by a modern-day pop icon. Prepare to get down, dance the night away and more importantly shake it off right in front of the pyramid.

Paul ‘Macca’ McCartney:

Surely this needs no explanation. Glastonbury’s biggest of years calls for the biggest of musical icons. A match made in heaven – perhaps? We can already start to hear the rousing ‘Na-Na-Na’ singalong of ‘Hey Jude’ bellowing in the distance as an illustrious set of explosive fireworks dart into the sky above. I think we’re starting to get ahead of ourselves – no?

Kendrick Lamar:

Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly

Glastonbury has a well-known history in causing a stir when it comes to rap. Yet for all the criticism aimed at Eavis and Co. - their judgement rarely fails to disappoint. In fact they produce iconic festival moments from Jay Z’s Oasis cover to Stormzy’s stab proof vest. Could possibly the biggest and most critically acclaimed name in rap and hip hop, Kendrick Lamar, pull it off also?

Elton John:

With the British musical legend and LGBT icon embarking on a long 3-year retirement tour, this may be Glastonbury’s final chance to book him. Armed with an incredible back catalogue of dazzling piano tunes and instant classics – this is a booking that simply can’t go wrong. The more we think about it…the more perfect it seems.

Bruce Springsteen:

Bruce Springsteen - Born in the U.S.A

From heartland rocker to rousing saxophone led storyteller – Bruce Springsteen is America’s everyman. Perhaps their finest musical export too. With his poetic lyricism, dynamite riffs and sense of community spirit, Springsteen is the perfect performer. Sure, to deliver an earth quaking, bone breaking and love making set at next year’s celebration.


British math rock band have gone from strength to strength in recent years, but can they make the next step up? Having already conquered the likes of Reading Festival, one festival awaits them. The Oxford band performed a storming surprise set at this year’s festival on The Park stage – so was this a little teaser for the real thing?

The 1975:

The 1975 - I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful, yet so unaware of it

Matt Healey and Co. have reached indie stardom since 2013’s self-titled debut album. The boys have since pushed their sound further into more experimental and even punk rock spheres all the while maintaining an accessible and polished pop sensibility. Having sold out arenas across the country and topping the bill at Reading Festival – the band now seem more than ready to grace Worthy Farm. The icing on the cake for a band only getting bigger.


It’s hard to think of a band more suited to playing Glastonbury’s 50th birthday bash. From the anarchic jolt of ‘Song 2’ to the emotionally overwhelming ‘The Universal’ – Damon Albarn and Co. sure know how to deliver a headline set for the ages. Just look back to their magnificent 2009 setlist. Again? Yes please!


The Glastonbury house band. Coldplay certainly know how the Glasto headline set works having done it 4 times already! You can’t deny their knack for an anthemic singalong of epic proportions. Plus, it seems hard to get Chris Martin to leave the farm anyway having turned up during Stormzy’s headline set last year as well as Kylie’s legend slot. A safe bet to say the least.

Featured Image: Epigram