Ethan Ian Luc


Chess: a sport? Indeed.

February 23 saw a weary and apprehensive University of Bristol chess-playing cohort greet the day at 7am.
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The films and series we watch to lift our spirits

The period between Christmas Day and New Year's Eve is a strange time which can leave us feeling useless. These are the films or series our writers watch to brighten these darker days.
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Good Time was criminally underrated upon release last year

A year to the day after its release, it is a wonder why the film, starring Robert Pattinson, failed to win over audiences and garner more awards.
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What was so great about The Incredibles?

Ahead of the release of its sequel, Ethan Luc looks back at the qualities of an era defining Pixar animation.
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'The Breadwinner' review - a film that showcases the colourful side of Afghanistan

Ethan Luc visits the Watershed in Bristol to review 'The Breadwinner', the Academy Award nominated animation film based on the
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