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Pinpointing the filming locations of 'No Time to Die'

The Croft Magazine // As Bristol's cinemas continue to fill, we turn to the locations of Bond 25. Havana may have actually been Buckinghamshire, but this was a typically globe-touring production.
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You've arrived in Bristol... now it's time to escape

The Croft Magazine // Wedged between Somerset and South Wales, Bristol is surrounded by countless towns and picturesque countryside.
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Stranded in Spain (part two)

Peter Thorp continues his account of the pandemic's disruptive impact on his studies abroad - and considers whether his prolonged stay in Spain might have been a blessing in disguise.
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Stranded in Spain (part one)

The Croft Magazine // "I had experienced anxiety on my year abroad at the best of times - a global pandemic did not help": Peter Thorp recalls how his year abroad turned sour as a result of the coronavirus pandemic
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Lone travel after lockdown

Mia Musa Green reminisces on solo adventures of the past and the perks of travelling alone
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Adventure or danger?

Georgia Taylor talks about her experiences travelling solo as a woman, and the key takeaways from her adventures.
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