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Secret self care tips

When was the last time you did something just for yourself? Many of us struggle to answer that question. In the midst of university deadlines it leaves little time for us to spend on ourselves. What are some of the best ways to tune out the stress and relax?
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Apple's Severance cuts open the ethics of our work-driven, capitalist society in dystopian fashion

Living in a capitalist and work-driven society, it's difficult enough to create a series that feels original, let alone create one which resonates with modern anxieties about corporate ethics
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Toxic New Year resolutions

The Croft Magazine // As 2022 begins many of us take the chance to set up new resolutions to 'improve' ourselves in the new year. However, often these resolutions surround weight and unrealistic goals that set us up for disappointment. How can we make these resolutions more achievable?
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How does consumerism negatively impact our mental health?

The Croft Magazine // Black Friday pulled at our purse strings this week, as it does every year on the 26th. With the alluring deals, many of us enjoyed a mini shopping spree this Friday. However, does this consumer mindset negatively impact our mental health?
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