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Eco-activist group deflate another 150 SUVs in the Clifton area

The eco-activist group, Reclaim Our Community, deflated over 150 SUVs this week in the Clifton area of Bristol.

By Amelia Jacob, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Reclaim Our Community (ROC), an eco-activist group, has claimed the deflation of over 150 SUVs in Clifton this week. This statement comes nearly a month after they claimed to have deflated over 100 SUVs in the same area on 19th October.

ROC comments that their 'actions will increase in severity and magnitude until the government responds to our demands', identifying as 'a group of young people angered and fearful of the world we are inheriting.'

In a statement identical to that of their previous deflations, the group claimed:

'The contribution of SUVs to global emissions may be thought to be inconsequential. But this is completely false, SUVs were the second largest cause of the global rise in CO2 emissions in the past decade. If the SUV industry was a country it would be the sixth biggest CO2 emitter.'

'Temporarily disarming vehicles is an effective way to reduce the consumption of SUVs: after a wave of tyre extinguishing in Sweden in 2007, sales dropped by 27%.'

On the consequences of their actions, the group repeated:

'We made sure to target SUVs in an affluent area with easy access to public transport, we also left a note explaining why we did it. Though it will undoubtedly cause extreme frustration and resentment, we do this act of rebellion out of love.'

'We will not be complicit in the ecological collapse of our world which could see billions suffer. We will fight, to reclaim our community.'

Their demands for the government remain the same: more bicycle lanes in Bristol, free public transport and the insulation of homes.

The group is not to be mistaken for The Tyre Extinguishers, a previous eco-activist group that deflated SUVs in affluent Bristol areas.

No convictions have been made in Bristol so far.

Featured image: 'Reclaim Our Community'

What do you think about the escalating actions of ROC in Clifton?