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A-Z University of Bristol ‘less well-known’ sports

If you are looking to take up a new sport this year, 3rd Year Spanish and Russian student Jenny Barruol has compiled a list of the 'less-well known societies' that you can join.

by Jenny Barruol, 3rd Year Spanish and Russian

If you are looking to take up a new sport this year, 3rd Year Spanish and Russian student Jenny Barruol has compiled a list of the 'less-well known societies' that you can join.

Although they enter competitions every year, Archery is a fun club open to everyone who wishes to pick up a bow and shoot an arrow.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu:
A submission grappling martial art. They train twice a week and are open to all levels of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, from beginner to advanced.

Canoe Club:
The University of Bristol Canoe Club involves kayaking, canoe polo, playboating and surfing. Most training takes place in the Students’ Union swimming pool but they organise weekly trips to the Brunel Lock Pitch.

Darts Club:
This club is open to any Bristol student who wishes to better their darts skills and take part in competitions or simply join a friendly club with fun weekly socials.

Expeditions Society:
UBES organises weekly outdoor excursions for anyone who wants to get out of the city and go hill walking, climbing and mountaineering. This society is perfect for someone adventurous who wishes to meet like-minded adventurers.

The fencing team regularly takes part in competitions against other universities, but also offers training sessions for complete beginners.

Gaelic Athletic Association:
This unusual society offers the opportunity for students to experience Irish sports such as hurling, handball and Gaelic football.

Hot Air Ballooning Society:
In some ways, BUHABS is the most ‘Bristol’ society out there. For an affordable membership, you get the chance to fly in the iconic University Balloon and learn new technical skills with fun people.

Unversity of Bristol Hot Air Ballooning Society | Patrick Metcalfe

Judo Club:
UBJC is one of the fastest developing sports team in Bristol. It offers high quality training sessions for both beginners and advanced Judoka.

Krav Maga:
For anyone who is eager to learn how to defend themselves in real-life situations, Krav Maga society is a good place to start.

Latin American And Ballroom Dancing Society:
The BULABDS offers social classes and team classes teaching various types of dance, from Rumba and Paso Doble to Waltz and Tango.

With UBMS, all karting and F1 fans can come together and take part in the various events offered by the club. These include the British Universities Karting Championship, F1 socials and regular karting sessions.

Nerf Society:
NerfSoc offers their members games of Zombies, King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, Thunderdome and more. For a four-pound membership, anyone can participate in these exciting games.

Pool & Snooker Club:
With many talented medallists on their side, the University of Bristol Pool & Snooker Club is certainly a very successful and active team. Nonetheless, they also run weekly snooker sessions for amateurs.

Quidditch Club:
Definitely the most fun club to join at University. The Bristol Quidditch Club is very active and competes around the UK and Europe every year.

Rounders Society:
As a mixed club, the Rounders Society is open to everyone. They hold training sessions every Wednesday on the Downs.

Synchronised Swimming Club:
This artistic yet physical sport is fairly new to the University and they run various different types of classes such as SynchroFun or SynchroFitness.

Offering recreational as well as competitive opportunities on top of their regular socials, the Trampoline Club here in Bristol sounds like the kind of place that would sweep you off your feet in every single way.

Underwater Club:
UBUC is in fact a well-established club in Bristol and allows members to learn a set of interesting skills such as scuba diving (obviously), Nitrox blending, underwater photography and more. On top of this, every year they organize a scuba diving trip abroad.

A ‘new normal’ for university sport

The University of Bristol Volleyball Club has Women’s and Men’s teams which play competitively or socially. And of course, the club is very active in terms of social life too, with weekly socials and a Spring tour.

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Windsurfing Club:
Bristol Windsurfing Club is very welcoming and organizes regular day trips to the sea and great socials. Most likely the club with the best summer tours.

Featured image: Unversity of Bristol Hot Air Ballooning Society | Patrick Metcalfe