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913 students test positive at Bristol University as day-to-day cases fall

913 students and 14 staff have tested positive for COVID-19 at Bristol University as reported in their latest Coronavirus statistics.

By Epigram News Team

913 students and 14 staff have tested positive for COVID-19 at Bristol University as reported in their latest coronavirus statistics.

Over the weekend, the University of Bristol saw an increase in 80 new positive test results from both students and staff.

On Saturday there were 48 new cases, a 25 per cent decrease from Friday’s 64, and on Sunday 51 more students tested positive.

With only 29 new cases reported today, the day-on-day rise of cases has decreased from 32 per cent between Monday 12 October and Tuesday 13 October, to a rise of 2 per cent between today and yesterday.

However, four more staff members tested positive, the first new staff cases since 16 October, totalling to 14 cases.

Most confirmed cases in Bristol have come from Stoke Bishop and Bristol’s city centre, two areas with large student populations. Other areas with notable rises include Cotham and Clifton East.

In an attempt to stem the outbreak, the University have placed halls of residences into lockdown, which has so far consisted of putting The Courtrooms, in the city centre, and one block of forty students at Hiatt Baker into a two-week quarantine.

Student-populated areas such as Cotham, Stoke Bishop and Clifton East are showing high numbers of cases. Source: PHE - Epigram / Louie Bell

All students currently self-isolating at their halls of residence are being provided support from the University, including the delivery of food and medicines, and the collection of laundry and waste.

Mental health and wellbeing resources are available online for those struggling with the implications of being in quarantine.

Following the outbreak at The Courtrooms, the University of Bristol set up two Mobile Testing Units (MTUs) for exclusive use of University students and staff, in addition to its main testing unit at the Victoria Rooms.

These are located at North Village (University Hall) at Stoke Bishop, BS9 1AR, and at the rear entry of the Biomedical Sciences Building via Medical Avenue, BS8 1TD.

Featured Image: Epigram / Cameron Scheijde / Siavash Minoukadeh

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