Final year students at Bristol University to graduate in November


By Megan Evans, News Editor

The University of Bristol has announced today that graduation ceremonies for this year’s cohort will take place in the Autumn.

In an email sent to all final year students this morning, the university’s Graduation Office has stated that graduation ceremonies for 2022 finalists will take place between Monday 7 and Monday 14 November.

The university states that the decision was made ‘reluctantly,’ due to a backlog of ceremonies delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic, that will be taking place in April and July.

The announcement states: ‘November was the most appropriate month to ensure you get the graduation ceremony you deserve given the time needed to plan and deliver nearly 20 ceremonies and to fit into a very busy teaching schedule.’

Those who are unable to attend will have their degree certificate posted after the event.

The exact timetable of ceremonies will be released in July, with updates being released on the university’s graduation website. The university states that students will be contacted when their date of ceremony is finalised.

Featured Image: Epigram / Isobel Turner | Unsplash

Will you be graduating in November?