Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide!


The Croft Magazine// By Anna Johnson, Style Deputy Editor

Need some inspiration for guilt free gifts this Christmas? Anna Johnson has you sorted, as she explains how to make your gifts more sentimental and the best Bristol small businesses to check out!

As somebody who has always enjoyed the Christmas gift giving process (and receiving!), it was disheartening to hear from a close friend of mine that she felt it was an overly commercialised holiday that often lacks real sentimentality. It got me thinking about the gifts I would buy for friends and family this year, and I decided to come up with a how-to guide on buying more sustainably, and if you’re planning on buying clothes for your loved ones, how you can shop with purpose.

Who doesn’t want to wear something special unowned by anybody else stomping up Park Street? In Bristol, edgy is the new basic after all. It is now a rising competition to wear something that nobody else is wearing – so, why not broaden your horizons away from the likes of Jaded London and Motel Rocks? (No offense, Olivia Neill fans.)

If you’re familiar with the dialogue of clothing sustainability in 2021, you’ll know that a major problem the average person might face is getting enough wear out of their clothes in such a trend-focused fashion landscape. While it’s easy to say that we shouldn’t buy from fast fashion brands, it’s not always an entirely realistic idea. Of course, most students would love to be able to shop with sustainable brands, not only for their high quality but also their reduced carbon footprint, but they are often put off by their prices.

When I really think about it, though, I would prefer to buy one good-quality item that will last me for at least a few solid years for a higher price than two or three items of a lesser quality with a shorter lifespan. The nice thing about giving somebody a piece of clothing that has real thought behind it is that they may think of you when they get a compliment on it, or it could become their favourite lucky interview shirt, as it will stand out in their wardrobe.

I’ve put together a list of some sustainable clothing and accessory brands to inspire more sentimental gift-buying this Christmas.

Kaleidopop Jewellery:

Amazing colourful jewellery made from reclaimed leather!

Nautilus Designs:

These ethically-made pieces of jewellery have been handcrafted with seaglass and recycled silver, oozing character and charm.

Rhubarb Jumble:

This vintage shop sells individual pieces handpicked for their character that will succeed in giving your pal a mysterious ‘main character’ energy. What’s not to like?

Bang Bang Crash:

A Bristol company which promotes slow fashion and especially using organic cotton for their pieces!

One thing I can guarantee you if you choose to shop independent this Christmas - you will have a fun Christmas shopping experience. Let’s be honest, trawling through the likes of ASOS or Misguided trying to guess if the colour on the screen will be the same colour when it arrives has gotten a bit old. We all love a bargain on a student budget, but you can’t put a price on good taste.

Featured Image: Epigram/Ania Townsin