Wet Weather Wear


The Croft Magazine// By Laura Hartig, Second Year, English Literature

Hate Bristol's unpredictable wet weather? Laura Hartig has got you covered, as she gives recommendations of how to look great and stay dry in rain storms this winter.

Yes, Bristol in the rain is less than ideal, but unless your crystal for perfect weather starts working soon, there’s not much we can do to change the course of Mother Nature. So I’ve compiled a list of the best pieces to wear to avoid being caught out in the rain…

Whilst I might suggest leaving Hunter wellies in the Alexa Chung era of Glastonbury 2010, a pair of Chunky Chelsea rain boots nod to the Bottega trend that filled everyone’s insta feeds last season. Considering a black boot is a staple in nearly every wardrobe ever, why not use the rain to try a fun lime or alternatively a lilac…

ASOS DESIGN Giana chunky chelsea rain boots in lime, £28 | ASOS

Or… if you still fancy making the last use of your summer dresses in the wet, pop on a pair of cowboy boots with some fun tights and you’ll be sorted for your walk to uni. Try Depop for the best place to find a pair no one else will have!

Moving up from footwear, as much as it may be Afghan coat season, I can’t imagine they’ll look their prettiest after being soaked in rain walking down Whiteladies. Try swapping anything with fluff for something sturdier like a vintage leather trench or an oversized bomber; the bigger the better, as it only means there’s more room to layer knits underneath.

Urban Renewal Vintage Leather Jacket, £95| Urban Outfitters 

When it comes to the perfect pair of trousers to wear in a downpour, I’m tempted to find something as close to your DofE gear as possible. A pair of vinyl trousers look sick with a casual knit whilst also providing protection from the rain and look ever so slightly cooler than the pair of walking trousers you borrowed from your brother back in Year 10.

These trousers for sure make a bold statement with this unique burgundy colour.

ASOS DESIGN mid rise '90's' straight leg in oxblood vinyl, £38 | ASOS

Finally it would be a shame to be caught out in the rain with perfectly blow-dried hair so why not opt for a fun bucket hat of sorts. Sticking with the vinyl trend of course, Topshop offers one to ensure the rain bounces right off you.

ASOS DESIGN wide brim bucket hat in black vinyl, £12 | ASOS

And if all else fails, make sure to always carry an umbrella in your tote to save you rocking up to your seminar and looking like you took a dip in the Harbour ten minutes prior!

Featured Image: Epigram/ Ania Townsin